In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever for students to learn the fundamentals of money management, saving, and investing. Schools can play a critical role in helping parents and others to provide our young people with a comprehensive program of economic education and personal finance—including investor education. For maximum benefit to young people, investor education must be taught early, often, and well.

Learning, Earning, and Investing for a New Generation introduces students to the world of investing, with its abundant opportunities and ever-present risks. The focus is on strategies for investing for the long term, as part of an overall approach to financial planning that empowers young people to take control of their own financial futures. Lessons cover basics such as the language of financial markets, gathering information on investments, and the nature of financial institutions in the U.S. economy. There are lessons on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The 21 lessons provide active learning experiences to help students master the basics of investing.

Learning, Earning, and Investing for a New Generation builds on the success of its 2004 predecessor, Learning, Earning and Investing. The new title reflects our effort to update the content and integrate it with the Council for Economic Education's free online personal finance game, Gen i Revolution. Every part of the Gen i Revolution game is linked to corresponding content in Learning, Earning, and Investing for a New Generation.

New content in this edition includes the following:

- New material on the financial crisis of 2008 and the recession of 2007-2009
- A new lesson on short selling and margin transactions
- A new lesson on financial institutions, fully updated with a case study on Apple Computer
- A revised lesson on the relationship between government and financial markets
- A new, comprehensive lesson on managing risk
- A thoroughly revised lesson on international investing
- A revised capstone lesson on financial planning

In 2004, stock and bond markets had achieved a formidable record of providing high returns with minimal observed risk. Declines in the markets, even steep ones, were seen as temporary. Since that time, financial distress and systemic risk have become much more prominent. This revision incorporates what has been learned in the recent financial turmoil. Even with these significant changes, however, the new edition reflects fundamental principles of wealth building that have held up well over time.

CEE gratefully acknowledges Discover, whose generous support made Learning, Earning, and Investing for a New Generation possible. The students who learn from these materials, and the nation where they earn and save and invest, will benefit for years to come.